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The Birds of Verona

Windchimes in the Rain - The Sounds of our Planet Series

River Meditation

Indian Canyons Meditations

King Tet Productions presents the "Sounds of Our Planet Series"  Vol. 1 is "The Birds of Verona" a vintage bird song recording of a flyway for migratory birds in South Burlington Vermont recorded by Eric Van der Wyk in 1975.
Please click on the cover for more information and samples. King Tet - The Birds of Verona

"Wind Chimes in the Rain" 
by Eric Van der Wyk

Vol. 2 of the Sounds of our Planet Series
Relax and enjoy 78 minutes of non-stop rainstorm as recorded in Modesto, California back in February of 1986.
Close your eyes and you're there!
This CD was featured on NPR's "Living On Earth" 11/11/05
 King Tet - Wind Chimes In the Rain

New from King Tet® Productions

"River Meditation"

This new CD will take you to the banks of the San Luis Rey River in the Cleveland National Forest.  Vol. 3 of the Sounds Of Our Planet Series
 King Tet - River Meditation

New from King Tet® Productions

"Indian Canyons Meditations"
Vol. 4 of the Sounds of our Planet Series is a special 2 CD collection including the "Andreas Canyon Mountain Stream Meditation" and the "Palm Canyon Waterfall Meditation."
 King Tet - Indian Canyons Meditations

Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs

Jessica Dragonette - Ave Maria

Radio's Star of Stars 1938

With Love and The Great Waltz

New from King Tet® Productions

"Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs"
Vol. 5 of the Sounds of our Planet Series is a recording of the Pacific Ocean at San Diego's Sunset Cliffs!
 King Tet - Ocean Meditation - Midnight At Sunset Cliffs

Jessica Dragonette's 1950 release "Ave Maria" has now been remastered to CD.  Please visit for more information about this CD New from King Tet productions, a double CD of Jessica Dragonette; "Old Time Radio's Star of Stars" featuring three radio performances from the Palmolive Beauty Box Theater radio program 1937, "The Vagabond King," "The Chocolate Soldier" and "The Student Prince" plus 9 more tracks from 78s. New to! "With Love," Jessica Dragonette performs wonderful classics taken from her broadcast transcriptions.

"The Great Waltz"
features Jessica Dragonette and James Melton.

The Man In The Can

King Tet's Mod Tracks - Digital Dances and Dreams

What do you turn on when you Tenori-On? by King Tet

Frank Wakefield - Blues Stay Away From Me

New from King Tet®
The Man In The Can
New music by Eric Van der Wyk
Give Thanks, 5 String Funk
Tracking the Lion

The Man in the Can on iTunes

"Digital Dances and Dreams"
by King Tet
®  1997 features 15 songs Techno, Trance, & World Beat music composed on the PC using Fasttracker II.

Digital Dances and Dreams on iTunes

"What do you Turn On When You Tenori-On?"
10 live jams by King Tet®
performed on the Tenori-On

 King Tet - What Do You Turn On When You Tenori-on?

"Blues Stay Away From Me"
Frank Wakefield's 1980 release
is a bluegrass album featuring
Eric Van der Wyk
on banjo, Darol Anger on fiddle and many other Bay Area Musicians.

Tom Hobson - Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home

Tom Hobson Sad Sad Daddy

Tom Hobson & Ragged But Right

Jack Traylor & Steelwind - Child of Nature

Tom Hobson's solo album "Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home" has been reissued on CD by King Tet Productions with kind permission from David Salmanowitz.  for more info visit

Tom's final session recorded by Matt Miller July 1989
Published on CD by King Tet
® Productions 2003
This album features 24 songs including 12 of his originals!

Recently remastered rare recording of Tom Hobson & his band "Ragged but Right" from San Francisco in 1979!!  Tom is best known for his work with Jorma Kaukonen on the album "Quah" from 1974.  Eric Van der Wyk performed with Tom Hobson in SF from 1977-1981 and this recording features Eric on his electric banjo.

Jack Traylor and Steelwind's 1973 classic rock album "Child of Nature" has been remastered to CD and is now available as a special limited edition release.
Please visit
for more details.

Thumbs Carllile Guitar Wizard

Thumbs Carllile On His Own



Attention fans of Thumbs Carllile!  Four rare and out of print records by Thumbs Carllile are now available on special limited edition compact disc!  Special thanks go out to Virginia Carllile for her kind permission to make these CDs available to music lovers who remember Thumbs.  "Guitar Wizard" was a "Direct To Disk" project featuring Buddy Emmons, Phil Baugh & Henry Strzelecki.  "On His Own" was a solo project with strings.  Visit!

"Jazz Carllile Style" is another "Direct to Disk" project featuring Nashville's "A-List" performers like Buddy Emmons &  Henry Strzelecki, nearly the same lineup as "Guitar Wizard."  Remastered from a mint d2d album this CD is pristine!  "Life and Times" is an extremely rare album features Thumbs Carllile's wonderful voice as well as some very hot instrumentals.  Yes fans, Thumbs Carllile SINGS!  Please visit!

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